Stressing over the Holidays? No need to worry, Pinterest is here!

6 Dec

Thanksgiving is long gone and Christmas is fast approaching! We all love the holidays, we love the presents and the break from school, we love the food and spending time with family. But if you are the one who is in charge of all the decorations and dinner, the idea that the holidays are right around the corner is not a pleasant one. If you are stressing about the holidays, there is no need to worry, Pinterest is here! According to the article study: Pinterst makes the Holiday Season less Stressful, by Andre Bourque, the study released by market research company, Lab42 shows that “92 percent of Pinterst users said that the social network makes the holidays less stressful. in fact, 27 percent saying that the pin-board style website makes the holidays much less stressful.” (Bourque) So if you are pulling your hair and losing your sleep, log on to Pinterest, you might find just what you need.

What is it about Pinterest that makes Christmas less stressful? Holiday ideas! The internet is full of clever decoration ideas and holiday recipes. All sorts of ’em. The top three Pinterest categories browsed during the months of November and December are: DIY & Crafts,Holidays & Events, and Food & Drink. (Bourque). The article stated that  “94 percent said Pinterest has changed their preparation for the holidays in some way. And holiday users of the social network drive the highest traffic of the year. The majority of Pinterest users overall spend more time on the site during the holiday months”. Theres so many interesting things on the internet, specially around holidays.

The article also talks about the money spent. Some users said that they actually spend more money because they go out and buy things they came across on pinterest. On the other hand, many say they save money with the Do it your own projects.

Whether you are looking for decorations or recipes, Pinterst is the place to go! So if you haven’t you should!

Bourque, Andre. “Study: Pinterest Makes the Holiday Season Less Stressful [INFOGRAPHIC].” RSS. N.p., 6 Dec. 2013. Web. 6 Dec. 2013. <>.

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